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Hello, I’m Marie Founder of “Pop Up Fairs Kent.”

When my daughter was born I decided I didn’t want to work 60hrs a week anymore and as I had the support of my husband the pressure was taken off me, so for the first time in my life I could actually do something I wanted to do. I’ve always LOVED Candles, and after watching a series of “The Apprentice” I researched everything I needed to know and created my own Candle brand within 4 weeks… “Vincentie’s Luxury Candles” was a real business (I don’t wait around lol!). I’ve spent the past 9yrs attending events with my candles and have loved it!

In 2020 I opened a Pop up Shop in Tenterden. I couldn’t fill it all with candles so I decided to rent space in my shop to other local independent businesses to sell their arts, crafts, gifts & clothing with me! Unfortunately, due to covid this was only temporary! But it was a great experience.

I love organising and planning things! I also love supporting other small businesses like myself, so I decided to start doing events & pop up’s… a place to give independent small businesses a chance to gain new customers and talk to people face to face about their businesses, products and services (I found I always sold lots more of my candles face to face than online).

I use my knowledge from doing events myself as a stall holder to create THE BEST “Pop up Fairs” I can.

“Pop up Fairs” means we are not in the same location monthly, we pop up all over Kent.

If you are a small business and would like to be a part of any of my events in 2023 please complete a booking form or if you’d like to see us come to your town or village, please let me know!

Kind wishes,